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Eight Must-See U.S. Cities in 2023

Now that the calendar has flipped to 2023, making a New Year’s Resolution is high on the priority list for many people. Some people might stop looking at NFL odds as much in 2023, while others are planning to spend more time traveling and enjoying the outdoors. 

If you are in a group of people that are planning to do more traveling in 2023, then the first step is trying to figure out where you should go. Fortunately, the United States is full of great travel destinations, especially if you want to visit some of the biggest cities in the country. 

Some cities have been overlooked lately, while others continuously offer a great travel spot. Here are eight cities in the United States that are worth checking out. 

Los Angeles, California

Everyone complains about the traffic in Los Angeles, but that shouldn’t keep you from visiting the city. The weather in LA is nearly perfect all year round, and there are so many major attractions to explore. 

You will want to spend plenty of time outdoors if you visit LA, and you can walk most places. Other cities in California tend to attract more visitors, which means that other tourists won’t overcrowd you if you visit LA. 

Chicago, Illinois

You might have NFL lines on your mind when visiting Chicago and seeing Soldier Field, but you will quickly move on to other things. Taking a trip to Chicago in the Winter might not be the best idea you could think of, but this is one of the best cities in the United States to visit during the summer months. 

Chicago is home to beaches along Lake Michigan, or you could also spend a day walking up and down Michigan Avenue. Downtown Chicago is perfect in the summer, and everything is pretty centrally located. 

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is different from other cities as it is more known for historical sites rather than great weather. Still, visiting Boston should be on your bucket list of travel destinations, as you won’t run out of things to do.

Another reason to visit Boston is to check out a professional sporting event, as this area has some terrific teams to watch. 

Miami, Florida

There are some great beaches throughout the United States, but the best can be found in Miami, Florida. Miami, Florida, is known to have some of the best weather in the country, and it’s also a place that has some terrific nightlife. 

You will find plenty of great places to visit in Florida, but Miami is among the best in the state. 

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee, is obviously known for country music, but there is much more to the city than that. There is a terrific nightlife experience in Nashville, and all of the bars and honky tonks are lined up on one or two streets. 

You will also find some great weather in Nashville, Tennessee, especially if visiting in March-October. It’s pretty easy to get around Music City, which makes it another great place to stay. 

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is a hidden gem in Texas, as other cities tend to get more attention. There are many great places to explore in San Antonio, but it is the Riverwalk that should be the first place that you visit. 

San Antonio has played an essential role throughout the history of the United States, including the Alamo. This city has a unique and very different culture, and it’s worth checking out to experience something new. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is one of the most exciting cities in the United States, and there are great times of the year to visit. Mardi Gras is always a good time, but you will experience the best of New Orleans any time you visit.

If you plan a trip to New Orleans, spend some time eating and enjoying the unique culture. New Orleans has some bad parts, but the good outweighs the bad. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

Checking out the Vegas NFL odds is always an attractive part of visiting Las Vegas, but there are many other things to do and explore. If you haven’t ever been to Las Vegas, you are missing out on one of the most fun and exciting places in the United States. 

There are now two separate parts of Las Vegas, and you can pick and choose what types of activities you will want to take part in. Gambling will always be a big part of a trip to “Sin City,” but other shows and attractions keep you busy as well.