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Travel Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Airbnb Accommodation


If there’s a literal translation of the phrase ‘home away from home’, that could be Airbnb, and no one can argue about that.

When you book an Airbnb, you have to consider what kind of home you want to stay during your vacation. The only hiccup is that you might have to spend quite some time choosing which one is right for you as they have a wide collection of lovely homes that will confuse your fickle mind, so beware.

To help you deduce, here are some tips on how you can pinpoint the perfect Airbnb accommodation made, especially for the kind of travel you’re about to take.


Consider Your Accommodation Needs

The first thing that I really have to check when it comes to accommodation, be it a hotel or a homestay, is the bathroom. If it has a nice bathroom, then we’re good. That’s one travel quirk I’ve developed through years of traveling, and I can really say that it’s one of the most important factors to consider when booking for accommodation.

Consider doing a checklist before you even book a room. Ask yourself what exactly is it that you’re looking for to help you streamline the kind of homes you should pick when you browse for options at the Airbnb app or website.

Do you need an outside kitchen? A king-sized bed? A balcony? Do you want a room or an entire apartment? Answer questions like these, and it will definitely help you find your place.


Check for Accommodation Costs

Once you have the perfect accommodation in mind, filter the search by figuring out the price range that you think is within your budget.

Airbnb is very transparent when it comes to their prices. They show upfront the price that you have to pay, exclusive of the Airbnb cleaning fee, which is identified by the host and sometimes service fees if applicable, but it’s technically out there, and you already have a ballpark of how much is it going to cost you.

Set a certain amount for your accommodation, and without a hint of a doubt, Airbnb will have something for you no matter what your budget is.


Read the Guest Reviews

In any form of service, you should never ever skip reading reviews. It’s a first-hand experience data that only guests can attest to. Airbnb has credibility for genuine reviews. So if you’re really looking for a dealbreaker to know which one from these amazing homes you should pick, then head on over to the guest reviews to find out the answer.

Airbnb guests are asked about the cleanliness, communication, location, and accuracy factors of the booking, making it easy for anyone to decide which one is the best among their other options.

There are even straight-up negative reviews on the home’s page review, so you would see easily how the host handles such a situation. If the host addresses the concern, then that’s a plus point definitely. But if he/she just shrugs it off and leaves it just like that, well then, you can just remove that listing from your list.


Research the Neighborhood

You will easily spot a fraud home listing if you check out the neighborhood mentioned in the listing. If they say that their apartment or the room you’re renting out can be found in one of the floors of a towering skyscraper, but the location is within a sketchy neighborhood, then this is the part where you think twice.

If you find something odd about the location, you have a lot of other options, so don’t waste time reading what could possibly another lie to lure you in their place.

Apart from making sure that the home you’re going to stay is safe, you also have to consider its proximity from important establishments like restaurants and hospitals if an emergency case occurs. Doing quick research will help you survive any trip, trust me.


Look for Places With Quality Photos

Another great factor when choosing the perfect Airbnb accommodation for your trip is if the listing has good quality photos available on their page.

It makes all the difference when you see photos of the place you’re trying to rent. At least through this, it sets you up for a virtual tour of the place without having to really be there, thus giving you an overview of what to expect when you decide to book the place.

It’s a pet peeve of mine when I see an Airbnb listing with only a few shots of the room while the rest of the photos uploaded on their site are the surrounding neighborhood. It’s a good thing also to see the community around the place but for me, what’s more, important is the actual home!

It’s a prerogative that we see the rooms and the rest of the home’s amenities to help us decide which house or apartment to get.


Location is Everything

Since Airbnb has a diverse collection of home rentals under their sleeves, you might have a hard time looking for the perfect one that’s just right in the heart of the place you’re visiting.

It’s very cost-efficient, not to mention the amount of time you will save if the accommodation that you will choose is the one that’s very accessible to transport systems, restaurants, tourist landmarks and even to the airport.

If you research about the place and you find out that your place is walkable from the train station, book it! It’s less hassle to be around establishments like train stations to help you get around the city with less stress and less money shelled out.


Good Wi-Fi

In this day and age of technology dependability, we almost cannot go on a day without connecting to the internet. It’s not limited to checking up on your social media updates, but it can also be used for working remotely abroad where emails and document transfers are necessary.

It’s one thing to have a Wi-Fi, but having a stable and strong connection is a different story. There are Airbnb homes that have internet set up, sure, but when every person in the house tries to connect all at once, it’s back to a dial up-like connection, and it can be frustrating.

Make sure to read reviews about the Wi-Fi signal so as to set your expectations before you even arrive at their doorstep.


Find a Super Host

When you book an Airbnb, there’s a special badge for Super Hosts. These are hosts that have set the bar high for a home rental. They may be priced higher than the others, but it’s the quality of service they offer that’s worthy.

They are dubbed Super Hosts because they have exemplary ways on how they make their guests have an amazing experience when staying at their homes for a couple of days, weeks, or even months.

It’s really not a hard task to find the perfect Airbnb accommodation; it’s only a matter of choosing the right one for you.