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How to Pass The Time At The Airport

The airport can be a boring and sometimes lonely place. But it doesn’t have to be because there truly is a lot to do. Some quick things include loading up your favorite online casino, games, or music on an iPhone.

Flights get delayed every day at every airport. As weather and other things impact travel through major hubs, there are natural gate changes, delays, and other stoppages that cause customers to wait for their flights. Two major events happened recently that shut down airports across the United States and Europe.

Early Jan. 11 the United States grounded morning flights due to a technology glitch. Though there are many electric grids, evidently they couldn’t get it up and running causing all flights to be delayed.

Across the pond at London Heathrow airport, there was a seizure of uranium that “could have been part of dry run for a dirty bomb by Iranian terrorists,” The Daily Telegraph and Daily Express reported. Were the national airport incidents connected? We don’t know one way or another as of this writing.

But the delays were something that left thousands of people without anything to do while waiting for their flights to board for wherever they were heading next. Even those making a return trip from vacation were likely anxious because once in the airport, there is little people want other than to be back home, unpacking and unwinding from a trip.

Now, a morning grounding limits opportunities available to travelers, but some of these still apply. Here are several ideas for people traveling who have time to pass with a delay or are early for their flights.

Cozy Up

Those who have a morning flight or a long afternoon layover may grab their neck pillow and a sweatshirt and cozy up. Finding a quiet place to sleep can be tough, but sometimes the white noise of a busy airport can help soften the mood of a traveler. Being able to sleep on location can pass hours or even an overnight stay at an airport for someone flying out the next morning.

It is a bonus if traveling with somebody to be able to lean on their shoulder or feel safer about sleeping in an airport, which can be a bit awkward if someone is just laying around. But be sure to set an alarm so you don’t miss your flight.

Solving Hanger

A great Snickers commercial speaks to everyday workers’ “hanger” with the line, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” So that should be a signal for travelers to take some of the edge off by grabbing something to eat. Most airports will have a local cuisine worth trying, such as a Whataburger in the airports in the Dallas metroplex.

But there are also great places to post up and grab a drink. Many airport terminals will have wine bars and breweries to adapt to the younger adults who are traveling. Those who want to grab a glass of wine or a beer to help take the anxiety and edge off traveling are certainly welcome to do so.

Besides, bartenders can sometimes be the best source of information. There are a lot of people bartenders meet and serve over the course of a day, week, months, etc. and will learn a lot about people, their interests and thus the world. Getting to know a customer is part of bartending and really helps when it comes to tips, so it is no surprise their knowledge of events and history.

Retail Therapy

One of the growing trends is the number of stores that are in airports. There are high-end stores along with the typical gift shops, quick markets, and more. Even if one doesn’t have space in a suitcase or carry-on, it at least provides a way to stretch the legs and get some steps in before or in between flights.

It’s a Game

Traveling with children is a different beast. Airports are becoming more family-friendly by adding play areas for those with smaller children. But layovers also present an underrated opportunity to break out board or card games that aren’t digital. Being able to play Monopoly or something with a traveling party is an easy way to pass the time while waiting for a flight.