When you’re visiting San Diego, CA, one of the main must-see tourist areas is the water. Both the San Diego Bay and the adjacent Pacific Ocean abound with opportunities to see and experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. While land-based travel and tourism may seem easier to organize, water-based excursions can be just as uncomplicated if you know where to look.


A Day of Play

If spending a day on the water relaxing and having fun is your ideal getaway, you have some options available. Catamaran sailing in San Diego is a great way to kick back and let someone else worry about the details. Renting a private catamaran for the day for you and your crew gives you lots of opportunities to relax without the hassle. First is the journey itself. The provided captain and crew already know of the best places to anchor for you to have fun. They’ll get you there safely and swiftly and even point out some areas of interest on the way. You can even arrange for the crew to bring aboard your meals for the day, scratching another item off your to-do list.

Once at your destination, your captain anchors so that the rest of the fun can begin. Of course, you can swim to your heart’s content, but you can also paddle board or kayak with the boat as your base using the provided equipment. You can choose to spend the day floating on inflatables and relaxing with your friends. If you own your own snorkeling equipment or privately arrange renting some, you could also use your catamaran as your base for some undersea adventure.


Know Your Destination

Sailing the San Diego area with a specific agenda for your leisure time is easy to accomplish, too. You just need to decide what you wish to do with your time. Whale and dolphin watching adventures are available. While dolphins are more commonly spotted, if you time your visit with a common whale migration period, you’re sure to enjoy seeing the giant mammals as they frolic through the sea. A must-see while in San Diego are the sea lions. With several prime locations for stalking those cute creatures, you can certainly make sure to check this item off your bucket list.

If fishing is your thing, you can book everything from a few hours of angling to a whole day. Your fishing captain will not only know the best spots depending on what you’re fishing for, he or she will be able to guide you in either bringing your own equipment or securing a rental for your excursion. Don’t be surprised if you’re able to fish for multiple kinds of sea creatures on the same day. Snorkeling and scuba diving are also popular recreation activities in the waters around San Diego. Checking out what’s under the bay or in the ocean can be both educational and thrilling. Some sailing outfits offer tours around the bay to show off much of what San Diego has to offer.


Landlubbers beware! A trip to San Diego requires you to have some fun on the water.

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