The Florida Keys are known for their beautiful waters, but did you know that kayaking is a fun and exciting way to explore them?

It’s the ultimate way to experience the Gulf Coast and Key West. For centuries, Key West has been a true Florida Keys tradition of fishing on the open seas. Eaton Street Seafood is a top-rated seafood market, making it the perfect place to get everything you need before heading out on your kayak tour.

Scenic kayak tour of the Gulf Coast

This is a great way to see Key West. Paddle out of Garrison Bight and through the marina, then up to the White Street Pier and around Mallory Square. You’ll see famous landmarks from a different perspective. With Fish All-In Key West, you have the opportunity to see the best spots to fish.

The mangrove trees in this area are thick and lush, and they block out much of the sun throughout the day. This creates an environment that makes seeing wildlife easier! You may even spot birds like herons, egrets, and osprey fishing just off the shoreline!

Key West is a popular destination in the Florida Keys with its rich history. The rich ecosystem in this area provides a home to many fish and sea life species!

This guided kayak tour will take you on an adventure through Key West’s most iconic landmarks, including Fort Zachary Taylor State Park and Mallory Square!

What to Expect from Kayak Tours

While many people are familiar with what to expect on a snorkeling trip, kayaking is one of those activities that some people know very little about. It’s important to know what to expect on your Key West kayak tour to be prepared and have the best experience possible.

They offer kayak tours in which each person will receive their own single or double-person kayak. They also offer guided and non-guided tours depending on your preference.

Guided Kayak Tour

On this guided kayak tour, you’ll be led by an experienced guide who knows the area well and knows where all the best fish are hiding! If you’re looking for the most relaxing way to enjoy your trip out on the water and not miss out on any action, this is the trip!

You should be comfortable in the water, especially if you are going on overnight or multiple-day kayak tour. You don’t have to be a strong swimmer, but you should be comfortable in the water.

If you are going on a multi-day kayak tour, you must know how to use all of your equipment. You should also learn how to pack and unpack your gear from the kayak.

The best places for kayaking are the Florida Keys and Key West. For example, Fish All-In Key West offers a variety of activities, including kayaking and fishing charters!

Choosing a Kayak Tour Company

When choosing a kayak tour company, you must consider the kayaking equipment. You should also make sure that the company has been in business for several years so they can provide you with experienced guides who will be able to guide you safely while out on the water. They should also be comfortable with their surroundings to provide you with good information about where to go and what to expect. A good guide should also be willing to answer questions.

What to Bring to a Kayaking Trip

Key West offers many fun activities, including snorkeling, diving, and fishing charters. If you plan on doing any of these activities, it is good to bring your equipment. This will ensure that you have the right size and fit for your feet while snorkeling or diving. It is also very common for people who go deep-sea fishing to get seasick, so be sure to bring over-the-counter medication such as Gravol or Dramamine in case you get motion sickness during your tour with Fish All-In Key West. We recommend bringing sunscreen, sunglasses, water shoes (recommended), a water bottle, snacks, a hat or visor, and a towel for your comfort. 


Comfortable clothing is recommended for any outdoor activity in Key West, whether fishing or snorkeling. Several local outfitters have everything from board shorts to tank tops and T-shirts with Key West-themed logos. If you’re visiting during cold weather months, don’t forget a light jacket for cool evenings.

If you’re planning on fishing while visiting Key West, you can bring your fishing gear (provided it’s not more than 10 feet long). There are also plenty of places to rent or buy fishing gear.

Bottom Line

Taking a kayak tour on the Gulf Coast is an exciting and entertaining way to experience the area’s natural beauty. While a few factors should be considered when looking for a tour company, such as cost, duration of the tour, and weather conditions. The most important aspect to consider is the company’s knowledge of local wildlife and their affinity for conservation. Titsst companies will have a strong knowledge of sea life and the personal motivation to preserve the ecosystem.

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