When planning a vacation, you have a big decision to make: where should you go? Lazy getaways by the ocean or up the mountains are undeniably relaxing, but sometimes, a city break is exactly what you need. If you’re planning your next vacation, here are the reasons a city should be your destination of choice. 

You Meet a Lot of People 

One of the best things about going somewhere new is interacting with different people. In cities, that is sure to happen. In fact, most cities have people from all over the world, so you never know who you might meet! 

There Are Plenty of Activities 

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or you prefer drinks on a rooftop bar, most cities have activities to accommodate you. There are endless things to do in San Francisco, Dubai, New York, Paris, and many other amazing cities around the world, so you’ll never be bored. 

You’re In the Midst of it All 

When you go to a city, you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything. After all, you’re in the midst of it all! As soon as you step out of your hotel or BnB, you are instantly surrounded by activities to do, whether that’s having a few drinks at the local bar or getting tickets to the latest theater show. 

You Can Make it Short

Most vacations require at least a week or two to make it count. At a minimum, you should spend a week on a beach or adventure holiday. When it comes to city breaks, they don’t always require as much time. As everything is close together – from the restaurants to the shops to the cafes – you can get away with even a short weekend trip in a bustling city. For those that don’t have much time to spare, city breaks make the perfect quick getaway. 

The Range of Food 

One of the best things about cities is the range of incredible food they have. Wherever you are, you will be able to sample some of the finest and most interesting cuisine from the city. Plus, on the nights you forget to make a reservation, there will be plenty of options. 

The Events 

Cities often have a bunch of events. No matter when you are going, you can rest assured that there will be concerts, shows, exhibitions, festivals, and more happening all around the city. You just have to pick which ones you will attend! 

Getting There is Easy 

While remote vacations are relaxing, they aren’t always relaxing when it comes to getting there – especially if you’re not driving. Getting to a city, however, is usually quite easy, as they often have nearby airports. You won’t have to waste much time traveling. Instead, you can focus on having a fantastic city break! 

City breaks make incredible memories. Whether you are going with friends, family, or your partner, make a city your vacation of choice the next time you go away. You won’t regret it!

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