Who has never traveled at least once in their life? Travelling has this unique charm that it comes with. Going to new places will help you kill the curiosity of visiting and discovering new things. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to experience new cultures and traditions.

As they say, traveling is a book and those who do not get involved in it only get to read one page. Do not be among these latter people. Travel around and get to learn more. At times it can be a bit expensive to travel, but it doesn’t have to be the case. If you make good plans and choose the right destination according to your budget, it will be much cheaper. We have come up with a list of ten competitive countries you can travel to.


1. Mexico

In Mexico, there are a lot of attractions including Mexico’s Mayan ruins and unspoiled beaches. The best-known ruins are at Chichen Itza. If you travel to Mexico make sure you also get to see Mayan pyramid and discover its secrets. There is a lot of fun in partying the whole night until morning when the sun rises on the beaches of Cancun. It is very affordable to visit Mexico. The cost of living is meager.


2. Turkey

The country’s beautiful and exciting capital city, Istanbul, is one of the major attractions that people travel to see. It also has a very blissful coastline that people enjoy visiting. While here you will even get to experience the intoxicating Islamic culture. People here are amicable. Visit Turkey and get to experience great value for your money.


3. India

This is probably the cheapest country you can visit. If you are planning on discovering new places, visit India. Here you can survive on a budget of less than $10 each day. The hassle will be much more compared to other countries, but the cost is just fair. It is one of the most exciting travel destinations on earth that you can visit.


4. Thailand

Some people refer to it as the country of smiles. It just cannot miss in the list of the cheapest countries in 2018. Here you will spend half the money you spend by visiting other countries around the world. Thailand will offer you beautiful beaches, mountains, cities, and jungles for you to explore. It has been a destination for many young travelers and honeymooners.


5. Bulgaria

It is probably the cheapest country you will visit in Europe. Here you will get to enjoy lovely coastlines, gorgeous old towns, unique wine and super friendly and ailak (relaxed) people. You will also enjoy the excellent food that people at this place cook. You will even get to experience the culture and traditions of South Eastern Europe. You can spend below $30 per day. 


6. South Africa

Africa is everyone’s destination every season. If you are looking for a country to land in Africa, then South Africa is the best choice for the fair cost it offers. You will get to see jungles, elephants, safaris deserts and get to experience a lot of adventure while in this country. You will also get to see sharks in the ocean. Nightlife here is even entertaining for there are lots of big clubs open all night.


7. Indonesia

This is a big country in both terms population and land area. When you get here, you will get to experience the diversity in culture. There are so many beautiful islands, 18,110, in this country. There are also various parks in the country. Therefore, you will get to see gibbons, leopards, pythons, sun bears and more wildlife. You will get to experience this and much more at a low cost.


8. Colombia

Colombia is a beautiful country with amiable people and a lot of attractions to keep you busy throughout the vacation. The breathtaking beaches, colonial cities, jungles and national parks. It is a dream country for every traveler. Have to experience all these without having to break your bank for traveling. It is a cheap destination.


9. Greece

This is among the top-rated countries around the world. The land that is well set right in the Mediterranean is so gorgeous and also very affordable. You will get to stay in beautiful apartments at an affordable price. The restaurants around make very delicious sea meals those are also very affordable. Considering the location, it offers the best value for money.


10. Grenada

Here, you will get the opportunities for hiking and trekking through the lush rainforest. St. George’s, the capital city of the country is the most beautiful city in the Caribbean. The state has gorgeous beaches and waterfalls. You will also enjoy exploring the forts and museums.


Do not allow budget issues limit your traveling. The listed above are cheap countries that you can travel to and have new experiences as you explore more.

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