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The Most Popular Custom Campervan Conversion Trends of 2023

Hottest custom campervan conversion trends of the year!

Custom campervans are becoming a widespread trend in 2023 with many different people looking to kit out their campervan and head on the road trip of a lifetime with everything they need all in one place on four wheels!

Campervans are a house on wheels so what’s the point in investing in a villa in Spain or a ski lodge in the Alps when you can have both and explore the world whilst doing it in your customised campervan? 

The best thing about a custom campervan is the ability to make it your own, whether that be a cosy little bed, or a full-on kitchen equipped with a hob and oven. Although campervan conversions are all the rage this year, it is important to remember that these customizations are not cheap and there are various aspects to consider.

From the material costs to do up and modify your campervan to your liking, to finding affordable van conversion insurance, there are plenty of factors to consider when deciding to modify your own campervan for your next travel adventure.

However, what can be even more difficult to plan is what the design of your modified campervan is going to look like and feature. Fortunately for you, we have analysed the market and discovered three of the biggest campervan conversion trends in 2023 so you can pick the bits and pieces you would like to feature in your own conversion!

1. Off-the-grid campers

If you are someone looking to lay low and stay off the grid, this trend of campervan conversion is for you. When we talk about a house on wheels it does not get any closer to the truth than with this design. 

Featuring all the essentials to practically live from your customised campervan including a bed, oven, hob, sink, shower, and storage space; you could really live life travelling from destination to destination with this type of customisation.  

For big road trips you may plan to do such as travelling across Europe, kitting out your campervan with all the gear to do so is an excellent choice and one you won’t regret. The only downside to this choice of customisation is that you need to be equipped with the skills of knowing how to customise your own campervan. If you are unsure how to fit things such as an oven and shower into your campervan, the price for professional installation is only going to increase the costs. On top of this gathering all the necessary materials and appliances will also be very costly.

Despite this, choosing to fully deck your campervan out so that you can live in it, is a great way to provide yourself freedom in the world offering benefits such as saving money on campsites and even a home if you plan to travel country to country in your new customised vehicle!

2. Modern campervan designs

Modern campervan designs are another choice that has become very fashionable when it comes to campervan customisations. From sleek and clean designs to minimalist interiors with a focus on natural materials such as wood and stone have gained traction in 2023 in terms of campervan designs.

From people integrating smart technology such as energy-efficient lighting and climate control systems to enhance sustainability and maximise the convenience of their customised campervan, the modern design is a great way to save money and maximise space. From innovative storage solutions and multi-purpose furniture, the modern campervan design allows for compact and easy living with minimal effort when you are travelling from place to place.

Despite all the benefits, some people can argue that the modernisation of the campervan loses it cosy charm and warmth you seek when travelling. Furthermore, relying on technologies can result in issues if they break whilst travelling. 

Overall, if you want a design that is easy to navigate, clutter-free and looks appealing to the eye, the modern campervan design is the best route to take for your next renovation. 

3. The eco-friendly nomad

With people becoming more aware of the negative impact we humans are having on the Earth, a stronger focus and priority have been placed on being eco-friendly and doing your part to save the planet. Furthermore, in 2023 these messages will now be conveyed onto campervan designs making them more streamlined and efficient so that they are greener for the Earth and reduce the carbon footprint created when driving miles along motorways and highways!

The eco-friendly campervan is designed in a way that integrates designs such as utilising reclaimed and recycled materials such as repurposed wood and eco-friendly fabrics. These designs reduce environmental impact by minimising factory production and reusing old materials. Most people also incorporate solar panels and energy-efficient appliances to promote sustainability whilst on the road and minimise energy expenditure and wastage. 

Although this reliance on renewable energy sources can be risky and pose limitations whilst travelling, they are a great way to reduce the van’s carbon footprint as well as save you money on fuel! By striking a balance between eco-conscious designs and affordability you can create a customisable campervan that is minimising its impact on the world and is a popular choice in 2023 for many people. 


Hopefully, you now have a solid idea of the best campervan conversion trends in 2023 that will give you your own inspiration so you can go ahead and start planning your own adventure travelling the world! 

Remember there is a lot to plan from the type of van you use to the type of van conversion insurance to ensure that you are covered for problems you may face whilst travelling the different highways of the world!

From eco-friendly designs to modern sleek campervan customisations hopefully, you can now draw inspiration from this list of campervan customisation trends and build your own dream campervan. Grab your supplies, pack your bags, and start driving to that dream destination you have always wanted to visit.