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Top 10 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns of Spain

You may have partied all night in Barcelona or eaten paella in Valencia but some will say you haven’t truly tasted life on the Med until you’ve explored what the Spanish coast has to offer.

With a coastline stretching over 1,600 kilometres there are no shortage of beautiful coastal towns in Spain to explore.

From Andalusia to Asturias; the Basque country to Catalona, the coastal towns that buffer the sea offer stunning beaches, natural landscapes and enviable local delicacies aplenty.

That’s why we’ve put together this travel bucket list of ten of the most beautiful coastal towns of Spain worthy of any intrepid explorer’s consideration.

Marbella, Andalusia

Marbella, Andalusia

Image Credit – Pixabay

Situated on Andalusia’s Costa Del Sol, you could be forgiven for classifying Marbella as more of a coastal city than a town these days, such has been it’s dizzying rise to fame.

Regarded as a millionaire’s playground, there are super yachts, super cars and just about everything you can put the word ‘super’ in front of.

Underneath the luxury and the glamour you’ll find a coastal town brimming with natural beauty and some of the most stunning beaches you’ll encounter on the Costa Del Sol.


Lastres, Asturias

The Spanish TV adaptation of Martin Clune’s popular ITV series ‘Doc Martin’ has well and truly placed this tiny fishing village on the map.

As the Spanish equivalent to ‘Cornwall’ the town offers beautiful panoramic views of the lush natural landscape and the cobblestone streets that neatly line the pathways to villas and apartments nestled in the mountain tops.

If its gentle strolls to the bakery in the morning while retiring to your terrace to sip sangrias in the evening, Lastres ticks all the boxes.


Nerja, Andalucia

Often referred to as the “Jewel of the Costa del Sol”, Nerja has earned itself a reputation as a holiday hotspot owing to its cosmopolitan atmosphere and eclectic mix of restaurants and bars.

Tapas is not just local cuisine; it’s a way of life. There are a wide range of local speciality dishes freshly caught and served up together for you to enjoy with friends and family.

It’s coastal location also means it’s not short of a barbeque on the beach either, with lunchtime paella an absolute must.


San Sebastian, Basque Country

Image Credit – Pixabay

If you’re looking for sun-kissed beaches ripe for sunbathing and swimming that are far removed from the mainstream resorts of Spain, then San Sebastian is an absolute must.

Popularity has blossomed over the years with music concerts and festivals transforming this former ‘little beach’ town into a thriving go-to destination.

The picturesque bayfront area is decorated with bustling bistros serving up fresh regional specialities, perfect when paired with fine wines and good company.


Mundaka, Basque Country

Mundaka is a small town north east of the Basque Country capital of Bilbao.

The town has gained a reputation as one of Spain’s best surfing spots and boasts stunning green natural landscapes which can be viewed atop the Santa Catalina Hermitage.

You can even swim in the port which is decorated with lots of pretty fishing boats and a secluded sandy beach.


Tossa de Mar, Catalonia

If you pardon the slightly risqué sounding name this historic walled old town is a sparkling gem on the Catalonian coast just waiting to be discovered.

Nicknamed the ‘Blue Paradise’ by decorated French painter, Marc Chagall, the town is an oasis of crystal blue seas crashing against the walls of old castle keeps.

Local restaurants serve the finest in Catalonian cuisine (shhh don’t tell Barcelona) and of course being placed on the coastline, some of the finest seafood in Spain.


Ciutadella, Menorca

Of course some of Spain’s greatest coastal towns are to be found further adrift from the mainland.

Take Ciutadella for example on the small neighbouring island of Menorca. The town is a calm oasis of turquoise waters, secluded beaches and fine dining.

Travellers are drawn to the city’s nightlife and fiestas which includes late night celebrations with food and even a prosecco festival!


San José, Almería

The white buildings and looming hills are more reminiscence of Greece but make no doubt about it San José is a quintessentially Spanish coastal town.

The Tabernas desert was the epicentre of the Spaghetti Western boom and many famous movies from the 60s were filmed in and around the town.

You can hike through rock pools, coves and other natural formations or simply marvel at the breath-taking rocky coastline.


Llafranc, Costa Brava

Image Credit – Pixabay

The Telegraph is a huge fan having not only rated it as ‘one of the best beach destinations on the Costa Brava’, but also one of Europe’s top ‘hidden seaside resorts’.

Llafranc is one of three coastal towns belonging to the Palafrugell province of Girona on the coast of the Costa Brava.

Despite an influx of rich residents from abroad, many of whom are film stars and musicians, Llafranc is still very much a traditional Catalan beach town with a flair for relaxation and good food.


Cudillero, Asturias

Northern Spain is often overlooked when people consider where to relax and unwind on the beautiful coastline of Spain.

Cudillero is the sort of place where you feel like you have stepped back in time. A picturesque seaside village of yesteryear located well off the beaten tourist track with rows of cliffside apartments that peer over the crystal blue ocean.

While here you simply have to try the Curadillos – a common local dish which is actually a little shark!

Author – Sean Delaney

Sean Delaney is a freelance journalist and travel blogger who has penned articles on various countries, including Spain, Australia and Vietnam. He has a passion for creating engaging content and has spearheaded editorial campaigns for LexisNexis and White and Company, a UK-based removals company, among others.