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Why You Should Put a Crayon In Your Wallet When Traveling

Traveling comes with an element of surprise. You never know when an ordinary item could become useful in an unexpected situation. One small, versatile item that has dozens of clever uses on the go? A simple crayon.

Read on to learn why packing a crayon in your wallet or carry-on bag should be an essential part of preparing for your next trip.

A Crayon Makes a Versatile Makeshift Pen

You’re sitting down to review the menu at a restaurant during your trip. As you reach to jot down a note, you realize your pen is sitting back on the hotel nightstand. Asking your server for a pen can work, but it’s not always convenient depending on how busy they are.

Having a crayon in your wallet provides an easy substitute for writing when you don’t have a pen handy. The wax writes smoothly on most surfaces like napkins, paper, cardboard, etc. Just be sure to pack a crayon in a color that shows up clearly like red, black, or blue.

Crayons come in handy for quick note taking or filling out forms on the go when you don’t have your usual pen available.

Keep Kids Entertained with Their Own Travel Crayons

Traveling with small children comes with unique challenges – like keeping them occupied and distracted from the boredom of long flights or car rides. Having crayons on hand gives them a simple activity to pass the time.

Before your trip, put together a ziplock bag with a few crayons and some paper. Hand each child their own travel art pack once you’re settled in your seats. Let them color on the blank paper, on kids’ activity placemats at restaurants, or even on paper tablecloths if available. It keeps restlessness and fussing to a minimum so the whole family stays happy.

Handing each child their own set of crayons with some paper is an easy way to keep them entertained and avoid boredom.

Use Crayon to Create Makeshift Signs or Get Attention

Sometimes during travel emergencies, you need to get someone’s attention quickly. Having a crayon gives you the ability to scribble eye-catching messages or images on spare scraps of paper or other surfaces.

Whether you need to make a “Help!” sign to flag down assistance or draw colorful arrows pointing to your location, a crayon literally draws people’s gaze much more than a pen or pencil can. The wax stands out visually against most backgrounds.

Crayons allow you to make impromptu signs that attract attention when you need assistance.

Identify Your Luggage Instantly with Crayon Marks

Airport luggage carousels can quickly turn into a sea of lookalike black suitcases. Prevent lugging off someone else’s bag by discreetly putting a symbol or your initials on yours with a crayon.

The waxy color will adhere to your luggage and won’t wipe off easily if it gets rained on. Just jot your identifying mark somewhere inconspicuous like a side or bottom panel. When you spot your color-coded luggage, you’ll know for sure it’s yours.

A quick crayon mark or initials helps you identify your luggage instantly when you need to grab it.

Crayons Provide Portable Art Supplies For Creative Play

Beyond practical travel uses, crayons can also stimulate your imagination and creativity on long trips. Doodle unique art on travel brochures or create crayon rubbings of interesting textures you discover – like brick walls, wrought iron gates, or stone monuments.

Having pocket-sized art supplies keeps you entertained and engaged with your surroundings. The colors, patterns, and shapes you notice can even inspire travel journal or scrapbook creations after your trip.

Make creative crayon rubbings of textures and objects you find interesting during your travels.

Travel Light – Toss a Crayon in Your Wallet

A crayon takes up barely any room but provides so many helpful and creative uses on the go. To keep your luggage light, simply throw a crayon into your wallet or a small pocket in your carry-on bag.

You’ll have an emergency writing tool, instant activity for kids, and mini art studio at your fingertips without any extra weight or bulk.

Be Prepared with a Crayon on Your Next Trip

As you can see, a simple crayon can go a long way when you’re traveling. It serves as a makeshift pen, entertainment for kids, attention-grabbing tool, luggage ID, and portable art studio. Who knew this childhood staple could be so versatile for travelers?

Next time you’re packing for a trip, make room for a crayon in your wallet or carry-on bag. Let this creativity and problem-solving tool make your travels easier and more fun wherever you roam.

Have your own crayon hacks while traveling? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below!